Images – Illegal Mine Site Activity

The images* below display illegal activities undertaken by Adani at the Carmichael Coal Mine site in Queensland’s Galilee Basin.

To download, right click on the image and ‘save as’ or images are available via Flickr here:

Dewatering bore site 30 (DWB30)

Image 1: Dewatering Bore site DWB30 drill pad. The image was taken in May 2018 showing a cleared area roughly 50m x 50m, driller sumps, water storage, and the bore hole.


Image 2: Dewatering Bore site DWB30 driller waste sumps. The image was taken in May 2018 showing driller sumps that contain compounds of material pumped into the ground during the bore construction process.


*The images below are available for download. They are provided under the Creative Commons license – Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike