The following show cases some of the projects Coast and Country is working on.

Property location – Burdekin River Catchment: Sub catchment – Upper Belyando Sandy Creek
Work on this property seeks to improve ground cover and minimise the effects of erosion. The property is located in a Great Barrier Reef catchment and on the Great Dividing Range. Historical wet season run off has created lasting channels across the property and and the landholder is working to minimise this impact through property infrastructures that supports lateral flow of water into paddocks and away from erosion channels.


Property location – Burdekin River Catchment: Sub catchment – Lower Suttor River
Work on this property supports the land owner to develop water quality improvements through riparian expansion. The long term goal is to develop the riparian areas for transition to Nature Refuge areas. Works also include on-ground monitoring of cattle feed grass selection and fauna foraging patterns.


Property location – Burdekin River Catchment
This project assesses the proposed impacts of large scale mining and gas projects on water resources, and flora and fauna. The project provides support to property holders to assess these impacts on farm business.


Property location – Fitzroy River Catchment: Sub catchment – Nogoa River Catchment
Work on this property is focused on the habitat development and restoration to support a bird population that has declined since major flooding impacts. The site has a history of quality flora and fauna surveys to support further landholder ecological sustainability based projects.


Property location – Burnett River Catchment: Sub-catchment – Barker and Barambah Creek Catchment.
The landholders of this property are seeking to develop and further their knowledge in relation to sustainable farming practise. Project outcomes will include: identification of primary wildlife habitats, grazing best practise, and riparian zone rehabilitation.


[Finalised] Property location – Brisbane South Pine River Catchment
This project supports existing community lead projects by value adding to existing knowledge through the inclusion of GIS mapping, weed identification and control programmes. Further project development aims to develop community wide fire management areas.


[Finalised] Property location – Tweed river Catchment (Northern NSW)
The land owner is seeking to diversify the property use and develop eco walking tracks. Support initially is to develop mapping and track locations. Works also include weed identification and wildlife habitat areas.