Media Release – Adani Illegal Activities at the Carmichael Coal Mine

MEDIA RELEASE for 12 September 2018

Adani caught illegally constructing dewatering bores at the Carmichael Coal Mine

Coast and Country has today released evidence showing Adani has been illegally constructing water bores at their Carmichael coal mine site in Queensland’s Galilee Basin, Australia (ABC today, Adani groundwater bores investigated amid claims they were sunk without approval).

Detailed Qld EDO background brief here and links to high resolution aerial stills and vision of the illegal work can be found here:

Spokesperson for Coast and Country, Derec Davies said, “Coast and Country identified that in March this year Adani started clearing and constructing illegal water bores at the Carmichael Coal Mine site. Our evidence shows that without doubt, Adani have broken the law by beginning work in breach of their Environmental Authority and before they have necessary approvals. The responsible Department says it is now investigating.”

“Adani have ploughed ahead with the mine project and put at risk Queensland’s water supply. High quality aerial imagery shows equipment, drill holes, driller sumps and the cleared countryside which highlights the impact of the illegal activity.”

“The fact is that Adani broke the law by drilling the six water bores. To make matters worse, in April 2018 Adani provided false and misleading information to the Queensland Government and lied by failing to report this environmental disturbance.”

“Contrary to popular belief, Adani do not have all their environmental approvals. They are yet to convince either the Commonwealth or the Queensland Government that drilling into Queensland’s groundwater will not put Queensland’s water at risk and that the one million year old Doongmabulla Springs will not dry up and go extinct.”

“In February 2016 Adani were granted an Environmental Authority. That approval explicitly states what Adani can and cannot do. The Environmental Authority seeks to protect the one million year old springs by requiring Adani obtain approval for a Groundwater Dependant Ecosystem Management Plan. This plan has been deemed inadequate and has not yet been approved, which means Adani are not allowed to start dewatering coal seams via these bores. By interfering with the aquifer, which is under pressure, Adani have potentially depressurised it.”

“We are especially concerned about potentially severe impacts this illegal activity will have on Queensland groundwater and water supplies, and the oasis at the Great Artesian Basin’s Doongmabulla Springs.”

“Adani must work to environmental standards and within the law. What they have done is illegal and puts Queensland’s precious environment at risk. Adani should be prosecuted,” said Mr Davies.

Coast and Country is represented by lawyers from the Environmental Defenders Office Queensland, an independent non-profit community legal centre specialising in public interest environmental law.



Derec Davies, Coast and Country – +61 421 835 587
Jo-Anne Bragg, CEO of EDO Qld – +61 428 104 476

Additional Contact: Bruce Currie, farmer in Galilee Basin, who has been opposing proposed mines in the area out of concern for their water use  – 07 4651 4272 (landline, best). Mobile: 0455 632 657 Email: