Project Obi Obi up and running

Trial Plot

Initial site works began in September 2015 with the planting of trees to provide stabilisation to the western edge of the creek running along the eastern boundary of the site. Stabilisation and development of the creek’s riparian will limit existing fast water bank erosion. The trial plot stock were selected to provide an understanding of local conditions to assist with further large scale planting and maintenance regime requirements, including: 1) native animal grazing, 2) insect and local pest management, 3) water and growth optimisation, and 4) soil and nutrient uptake.

The ex-dairy history of the Sunshine Coast site requires particular attention as the the site is infested with non local grass and tree species. Alluvium soils provide a highly suitable reforestation medium but also presents a major challenge to weed minimisation. Weed control will require further investigation, and in the short term will be managed through regular slashing and shade out methods.

The site is accessible through two gates. The north western gate provides access to the primary property and will be further developed to ensure local fire management and access requirements are maintained. The secondary property access point is located to the south and the lower corner block.

Volunteers are very welcome to join us on site works days. Support is welcome and the site offers a great swimming hole for those with an adventurous side.

The images below are after the first site work days. The images highlight the lack of riparian and the trees planting from south to north along the creek line.

Coast and Country Obi Obi Project – Sunshine Coast, Queensland: Site Shed (gear storage)